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Independent Singapore adviser offers new digital platform

Jachin Capital, a home-grown independent fund manager, has announced that it has received a Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence in Singapore – with which it can now offer its digital investing platform.

iAdvisor will be available to all accredited investors in Singapore.

Starting from an investment theme or idea, Jachin Capital said it constructs portfolios based on a transparent rules-based framework. The portfolios are regularly reviewed and re-balanced.

Currently, iAdvisor has 28 portfolios with investment themes ranging from banking to Fourth Industrial Revolution themes like cyber security, robotics and driverless cars. The underlying baskets for each theme are stocks listed in five countries.

The platfom’s unique feature is the ability it gives clients to invest directly in listed stocks in different countries.

Jachin Capital has already used the platform for almost two years to manage its clients’ investments.

iAdvisor was developed in collaboration with Hong Kong-based B2B fintech firm Quantifeed.