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HSBC Global Private Banking introduces digital document signing for new-to-bank clients in Asia

Latest key delivery as part of commitment to enhance clients’ experience through digitally-led journeys .

HSBC Global Private Banking has launched its latest innovation for clients in Asia, HSBC GPB eSignature – a solution that enables prospective clients to review, sign and submit documents to their relationship management team, digitally and securely.

By making the account opening process more convenient and flexible, HSBC GPB eSignature marks another significant step forward in HSBC Global Private Banking’s mission to build an ecosystem of digital services and journeys that enhance the client experience.

The HSBC GPB eSignature portal is accessible from the HSBC Global Private Banking public website via mobile devices and desktop, where prospective clients can log in to retrieve and digitally sign their documents in multiple legally-compliant ways, removing the need to produce a wet signature in person.

HSBC GPB eSignature is initially available to new-to-bank clients of Global Private Banking, Hong Kong. The solution will be extended to prospective clients of HSBC Global Private Banking, Singapore in early November and ‘existing to bank’ clients in Asia in April 2022.


Siew Meng Tan, Regional Head of HSBC Global Private Banking, Asia-Pacific, said: “It is of the utmost importance that our clients receive the highest quality experience, beginning day one with onboarding. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need to digitalise traditionally in-person procedures to provide greater convenience for our clients and further sharpen our competitive edge. With HSBC GPB eSignature and our wider digital programme, we’re doing just that.”


Sharon Oh, Chief Operating Officer, HSBC Global Private Banking, Asia-Pacific, added: “The implementation of HSBC GPB eSignature is a new milestone in a year when we have already delivered our Online Trading platform, HSBC GPB Chat with WhatsApp and WeChat functionality, Online Payments and Insights and Research, to name but a few launches. We remain focused on expanding the scope of our digital offering to enhance our clients’ experience and exceed their expectations.”

In Asia, HSBC is investing over USD100 million over the next two years to build and innovate upon its core private banking digital platforms to meet the fast-changing wealth and lifestyle needs of its clients.