Fusion Bank Launches Investment Service Offering Global Diversified Assets with Selected Funds

Fusion Bank, a virtual bank strategically invested by Tencent Holdings Limited, has announced the launch of its Investment Service to offer customers the best-in-class wealth management experience. Upholding the bank’s mission to promote financial inclusion, the Investment Service allows people to easily buy and sell global investment funds offered by Fusion Bank on the Fusion Bank App, with subscription thresholds as low as HK$10 or US$1. Customers can activate investment service in as fast as five minutes, and start investing in funds in just five simple steps. Offering an all-rounded investment experience, Fusion Bank’s dedicated investment research team also monitors the market closely and provides professional and comprehensive investment analysis reports and market commentary featuring market insights and a wide range of products. From now until June 30, 2023, customers who have successfully opened the Investment Service can enjoy an unlimited 0% subscription fee.


Ari Zhou, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Fusion Bank, said: “Fusion Bank is committed to promoting the popularization of financial technology, and strives to provide customers with easy, competitive and secure fintech banking solutions. We are excited to expand our business from deposit, loan and remittance to wealth management, allowing our customers to enjoy a holistic wealth management experience. By eliminating complexity with the use of innovative technology, we aim to lower the investment thresholds to empower everyone including young and busy people to trade funds at their fingertips with the Fusion Bank App. The app enables customers to manage their finances and capture opportunities even on the go to achieve their financial goals.”


Fusion Bank’s brand new Investment Service covers a wide range of global funds, with subscription thresholds as low as HK$10 or US$1. With the seamless investment service opening process which takes just as fast as five minutes, customers can invest even with a small budget in a simple, convenient and efficient manner. Combining the competitive edges of a tech enterprise and a bank, Fusion Bank eliminates the cumbersome process of trading funds with traditional banks or securities brokers, while at the same time providing comprehensive customer support. Furthermore, Fusion Bank App offers timely market information and professional investment analysis reports with different trending investment themes, including “Global Allocation”, “ESG Sustainable Investing”, and “China Opportunities” to keep customers informed and seize investment opportunities.

The easy-to-use Fusion Bank App allows customers to effortlessly open an account or manage day-to-day investments. By integrating the latest electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) identity verification technology, customers can enjoy a seamless experience when opening their accounts. The app supports 24/7 access of market news and investment analysis reports while customers can trade without visiting a relationship manager at a branch or making long recorded phone calls. Fusion Bank adopts safe and secure distributed data storage and highly efficient encrypted data transfer technology, offering customers protected, reliable banking solutions and wealth management services.

Fusion Bank’s Investment Service is now live. More products and services will be onboarded in stages, providing more options and choices for customers to satisfy different needs and objectives.