Fujitsu and Mizuho Bank embark on collaboration for sustainable management information services

Fujitsu and Mizuho Bank have announced a collaboration focused on the development of services for corporate customers to manage ESG and SDG related data including greenhouse gas emissions.

The joint effort will combine Mizuho Bank's customer networks and knowledge of environmental and energy solutions with Fujitsu's cloud services for visualizing CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain, supporting customers in their efforts towards de-carbonization and to improve the efficiency of their sustainable management strategies.

Responding to the call for urgent climate action

Environmental management represents an increasingly important issue in corporate activities. In addition to financial information, the proactive disclosure of non-financial information, related to environmental and social tasks, has become an important factor in corporate evaluations. At the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in 2021 (COP 26), countries agreed on the "goal of limiting the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5 degrees C."(1) As countries worldwide are accelerating their de-carbonization efforts, companies are being required to enhance their responses to practical issues including the calculation of GHG emissions.

Mizuho Bank positions initiatives addressing climate change as an important part in its management strategy and is actively engaging in constructive dialogue with its customers in response to their unique challenges and needs. Mizuho Bank is further developing and providing financial products and services to support its customers' efforts to combat climate change and to contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society.

Fujitsu, too, is focusing on climate related issues and is actively working towards the decarbonization of its own operations by utilizing technologies and services that support digital innovation. Fujitsu provides its customers and society with the know-how and technical capabilities gained through its efforts to go carbon neutral via consulting and service solutions that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Outline of the joint initiative

Within the joint project, the two companies will leverage Mizuho Bank's customer networks and insights in customers' environmental management issues and needs with Fujitsu's services, including the SaaS based sustainability management information service provided by Fujitsu Japan Co., Ltd. as well as Fujitsu's Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA Factory Optimization Dashboard. This will allow the two companies to calculate, visualize and accurately and efficiently analyze GHG emissions to support customers in reducing their carbon footprint.

By making it possible to comprehensively manage various ESG data (non-financial information), including energy consumption, waste management, occupational health and safety and CSR activities, the new service will enable companies to respond to the Japanese Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy (Energy Conservation Act) and also promptly and accurately disclose information for global reporting standards including CDP(2), TCFD(3), SBT(4) and RE 100(5). In this way, the two companies will contribute to solving customers' environmental management issues and ultimately support clients in enhancing their corporate reputation and attract ESG investment.

Fujitsu and Mizuho Bank will additionally continue cooperation with the aim to develop further services and solutions to support customers in their business.

Future Plans

Mizuho Bank will continue to proactively promote sustainability action to realize a sustainable society. As a comprehensive financial institution, Mizuho Bank provides advisory services and solutions, including financing support through sustainable and environmental finance, that help customers to strengthen their business and transition towards de-carbonization.