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Endowus Private Wealth Expands Alternative Investment Offerings

Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform, today announced the expansion of new alternatives offerings under Endowus Private Wealth, a personalised service for accredited and professional investors in Singapore and Hong Kong respectively. It democratises access to private banking and institutional-grade services by offering systematic advice and best-in-class investment strategies in all asset classes and investment styles.

This covers a broad range of public and private markets, alternatives, quant, passive index, and active investment opportunities – at fully transparent and lower fees, Endowus said in a press release.

Endowus Private Wealth clients can already access alternative strategies such as multi-strategy and single strategy hedge funds, private equity, private credit, and private real estate managed by some of the leading established players such as Balyasny, Brevan Howard, Bridgewater, Carlyle, Eisler, Hudson Bay, KKR, Millennium, Oaktree, Partners Group, Point72, Quantedge, and Schonfeld.

Starting the Endowus Private Wealth Journey

Endowus Private Wealth takes the experience of traditional wealth management and private banking to the next level by leveraging its unique, innovative technology platform. Endowus’ proprietary private wealth advisory solution provides each client with the absolute freedom to decide how they journey with Endowus in achieving their important wealth goals – through a combination of the seamless digital experience of the Endowus platform and also a customised advisory service in-person. A dedicated investment advisor partners with clients to build out an evidence-based and personalised Endowus Wealth Implementation Plan leveraging technology.

Customised to each client’s unique financial situation, risk appetite, and life goals, this proprietary tool created by Endowus takes into account all holdings of a client, even those outside of Endowus. It helps clients to clearly define their desired outcomes and meaningfully invest towards their wealth goals. In the same way an institutional investor, such as a sovereign wealth fund or a university endowment would, through a liabilities-driven, strategic asset allocation framework.

The investment advisors at Endowus have previous experience at leading global institutions such as Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Mercer, Morningstar, and UBS.

Endowus Private Wealth Offerings at an Unrivalled Cost, Lower Minimums and Higher Liquidity

Samuel Rhee, Co-founder and CIO said, “Clients are spoilt for choice with many investment products being offered by numerous private banks and wealth managers. However, there are very few truly independent, trusted advisors out there. Endowus was built on the tenet of being the conflict-free, independent partner for private wealth clients providing professional, institutional-grade services in both advisory and investment solutions. We are excited about the expansion of our offerings to further incorporate best-in-class multi-asset, multi-strategy, public, private and alternative solutions to help our clients receive suitable advice and access to the right solutions to help achieve their investment goals.”

The unique institutional-grade investment advisory service provided by the Endowus Investment Office truly sets Endowus apart from its other peers in private banking or wealth management. Through its proprietary due diligence process, Endowus has a carefully selected and curated list of 300 category leading funds across private, public and alternatives asset classes, from over 70 global leading fund managers.

In particular, with low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify investors’ portfolios and potentially reduce the overall risk. A 2022 study by EY Global found that investors’ appetite for alternatives are increasing, and a majority expect to either hold or increase their allocations in the next three years [1]. The Singapore and Hong Kong markets have seen strong demand for alternatives with assets under management in alternatives growing 30% year-on-year [2] to reach S$1.23 trillion for 2021 in Singapore, while Hong Kong is home to more than half [3] of all major hedge funds located in the region.

Gregory Van, Co-founder and CEO said, “As Asian markets mature from trading and speculating to institutional frameworks of strategic asset allocation, we are seeing growing demand to manage wealth holistically and efficiently towards life goals. This has led to a growing need to implement curated strategies across public, private and alternative investments. Access to multi-strategy hedge funds by established managers for instance is meeting the needs of individual and family wealth with a strong desire to reduce volatility and achieve high Sharpe ratios and targeting absolute versus relative returns. We started Endowus to bring endowment-quality institutional investing to all of us, and the expansion of Endowus Private Wealth services reaffirms our commitment to extend the reach of our innovations in serving affluent investors like never before.”

Against this backdrop of growing investor interest, the Endowus Private Wealth expanded offerings demonstrate the firm’s commitment to continued product innovation and excellence in the dual customer experience of technology-led digital and personalised client servicing. Through Endowus, clients can access these strategies with lower minimums [4] and on better liquidity terms than traditionally possible. Endowus’ conflict-free and fee-only business model means the firm charges its clients directly and this transparent fee ranges between 0.25% to 0.60% per annum. With no sales charges, front-end or redemption fees, and a 100% cashback on any trailer fees received, Endowus is not incentivised to churn its clients or push high commission products and can remain conflict-free and truly independent in its advice.



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[4] Typical cost to open a private banking account to access alternatives: >US$5M (Private Bank) vs US$1M (Endowus); Typical minimum size to access alternatives: US$250K (Private Bank) vs US$100K (Endowus)