China Liuyang releases Investor-Inviting Cultural Tourism Program

Liuyang, described as China's fireworks hometown, has reportedly announced an invitation to global investors for the Liuyang River cultural tourism program.

Liuyang River is the only river in the province selected into the first batch of 17 demonstration lakes and rivers across China and has long been serving as the ‘business card’ of Liuyang City, read a press release.

The program is said to be dedicated to building a world-class waterside cultural tourism belt along Liuyang River integrating fireworks-themed entertainment, old town culture experience tours and Liuyang River night trips and entertainment.

Covering about 140 hectares, the program is designed to launch a 13-kilometer cruise line and establish two cultural tourism districts along the Liuyang River, namely Guanlitai district and Puzigang district.

The project is said to be part of the Xinhua Silk Road initiative. The statement was released by Xinhua Silk Road Information Service, which states that it is an information product and service platform aimed at helping users better understand China and countries and regions along the Belt & Road, and seize the trade and investment opportunities brought by the Belt & Road Initiative.

The firm offers a Xinhua Silk Road Database, which is designed for foreign investors who want to get timely and thorough understanding about China’s Belt and Road movements. It provides Belt and Road-related news, the list and in-depth information of China listed companies and Chinese Companies Inquiry System, says its website.