BNY Mellon Investment Management and Maybank Securities (Thailand) to form partnership for model portfolio services

BNY Mellon Investment Management has announced their partnership in model portfolio services with Maybank Securities (Thailand), or MST. The range of portfolios powered by BNY Mellon IM are tailored to the risk profiles and volatility targets of the clients of Maybank Securities (Thailand).

Embracing the fast-evolving world, Maybank Securities (Thailand) announces the partnership with BNY Mellon IM as part of “The Opportunity of Change” campaign. By collaborating with BNY Mellon IM, Maybank Securities (Thailand) enhances asset management and investment planning services and offers world class expertise to customers.

According to the partnership, BNY Mellon IM will offer Maybank Securities (Thailand) five portfolios of different risk levels and another five with different volatility targets. BNY Mellon IM will support Maybank Securities (Thailand) in the construction and ongoing maintenance of the model portfolios, including asset allocation, risk management and manager selection. With the output and support from BNY Mellon IM, Maybank Securities (Thailand) will exercise its discretion to select and modify the appropriate portfolios for its eligible clients in the Thailand market as its system decides their risk profiles and volatility targets suitable.


“Leveraging the strength of our global franchise, BNY Mellon Investment Management is excited to offer our bespoke investment solutions to Maybank Securities (Thailand), assisting and supporting them in the model portfolios provided to their clients in Thailand,” said Doni Shamsuddin, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific at BNY Mellon Investment Management. “Since launching the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) business in Asia, we have been collaborating with financial institution clients in the region to help them further develop their businesses. We are aspired to be the one-stop solutions provider by offering comprehensive portfolio management and investment advisory services.”


“This partnership with BNY Mellon Investment Management is an important milestone, which strengthens the investment advisory and the wealth management capabilities of Maybank Securities (Thailand). It enables us to offer more insightful information and to increase the value of product offerings for existing and new customers. It will help the company develop its wealth management and investment business, moving forward with the vision to become the number one investment advisory in the hearts and minds of the Thai people,” said Arapat Sangkharat, Chief Executive Officer of Maybank Securities (Thailand).

BNY Mellon IM sees opportunities in the region for OCIO services from the growing digital banks, fintech start-ups, wealth managers and intermediaries, who may not possess sufficient resources to build such capabilities inhouse. The firm has recently formed OCIO partnerships with wealth managers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

BNY Mellon IM’s model portfolios and the related services under this partnership are made exclusively to Maybank Securities (Thailand) as an institutional Investor in Thailand. Maybank Securities (Thailand)’s services are intended exclusively for residents of Thailand.