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blufolio invests in Israeli digital assets pioneer Simetria

blufolio has announced its participation in Simetria's recent early-stage funding round, joining fellow investors including Algorand, CoinIX Capital, Consensus Capital and Draper Goren Holm.

Founded by a highly experienced team of finance, regulatory and technology professionals, Simetria has developed a blockchain-based tokenization and exchange platform powered by Algorand, enabling private companies to digitize and trade non-bankable securities. These can then be made available to investors globally, providing novel access to exciting investment opportunities, while enabling start-ups and unlisted firms to compete for talent with public companies on a more level footing.

blufolio is currently raising funds for a number of opportunities offering institutional grade access spanning the crypto-blockchain barbell:

blufolio Blockchain Venture Capital Fund II SCSp SICAV-RAIF is now open for capital commitments via our Luxembourg RAIF platform:

  • the fund focuses on equity investments in early-stage companies active in blockchain, decentralization and digital transformation, leveraging blufolio’s global advisor, investor and deal-flow network
  • the fund is targeting a plethora of emerging growth opportunities: the covid-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated awareness and adoption of both digital technologies and sustainability initiatives
  • digital assets and decentralized behaviours are coming of age as the world builds back better
  • based in Switzerland, blufolio is positioned:
    • at the heart of a global digital innovation hub, with strong government and regulatory backing
    • at the cutting edge of worldwide sustainability leadership
    • on the doorstep of the world’s foremost concentration of private wealth

We are raising up to CHF 10m co-investment capital via our private Swiss company, blufolio SA, structured as a Convertible Loan Agreement (CLA) under Swiss law.

  • This initiative will enable us to facilitate investor exposure to the plethora of exponential growth opportunities we are currently seeing via our global network across the full spectrum of crypto assets, digital tokens, DeFi protocols, NFTs, and early-stage blockchain ventures
  • Such opportunities are time-limited and may currently be outside the remit of our other investment vehicles. As digital asset markets have broadened and deepened significantly over the past several quarters, we have seen that token - as opposed to equity - issuance is firmly back on the agenda for early-stage firms and projects.

Our Active Liquid Crypto Portfolio is a Swiss vehicle using proven technical trading signals to drive outperformance.

  • It provides diversified exposure to a selection of the largest digital tokens and coins, with exposure to our preferred sectors (e.g. NFT-based gaming).
  • In keeping with our ESG investment ethos, the strategy currently excludes all exposure to Proof-of-Work consensus mechanisms.