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Bambu rebrands Corporate Identity and Launches New website

Bambu, a global leader in robo-advisory technology, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal to its corporate identity.

This introduces a new corporate logo, new domain, an upgraded website and the new future of Bambu. The new brand captures the growth and success of the business, according to a press release.

The rebrand has provided an opportunity to improve and evolve our service offerings, to be a true software-as-a-service company, thought-leader, innovative and progressive provider to financial institutions, around the world. Previously known as a FinTech start-up company focusing on the Asia markets, now Bambu aims to be classified as a growth stage company with our recent Series B funding of USD10 million. In addition, the firm is expanding its services geographically - targeting the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, except Antarctica.

Ned Phillips, Founder & CEO, Bambu, said “This rebranding of the logo, website upgrade and positioning represents a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining who we are, driving change and shaping the future of the FinTech industry. Our brand ethos has always been built on trust, credibility and industry knowledge – that’s what’s kept our business running seamlessly for the past four years. We pride ourselves on building leading robo-advisory solutions that enhance the way people save and invest. A mission that has not changed.”

Bambu upgraded corporate website now employs a web address that departs from the former “” to the “” domain, which is an immediate effect. The move enhances the Bambu brand with a strong, technical identity and provides the end users a progressive perception which is in line with the firm’s services and industry.

The new corporate logo was developed through a collaborative process and is a reflection of how the company’s innovative and forward-thinking technology, according to a press release. The corporate logo was strategically created from the inspiration of the material that was used to make filaments for the first lightbulbs - Bamboo. Being the fundamental material for success, with the same reasoning, we want to be the fundamental source of innovation to power up the financial industry.

The upgraded website welcomes users with a high-technological and advanced design, easy to use navigation optimised perfectly for either desktop, mobile or tablet use and offers an extensive writeup on the firm’s product offerings. Users can gain access to essential information about Bambu’s products, services, use cases, industry partners, history and company culture amongst other helpful content.

What stays the same? The company’s focus on developing top-notch robo-advisory platforms and products to improve saving and investing.

“We’re still a growing FinTech company based in Singapore with an in-house team of creators and innovators. We’re continuing to pave the way to make a mark in the FinTech industry.  We foresee this progressive push as a steppingstone towards an expansion and strengthening our solutions,” said Phillips.

Bambu is the global leader in digital wealth technology. Whether one is launching a Robo-advisor for millennials or a tool for financial advisors, Bambu intelligent APIs and SaaS platform delivers the best possible experience for users, according to the firm’s bio.