Strategy & Practice Management

Access Partnership Acquires AlphaBeta to Expand Asian and Global Policy Capabilities

Access Partnership announced that it has integrated AlphaBeta, a Singapore-based strategy and economics consultancy that advises governments, businesses and investors on optimising economic growth.

The combination creates a unified service offering to develop and implement tech-lead solutions that improve society, Access Partnership said in a press release.

Both companies have already collaborated on high-impact work for non-profits, think tanks and corporates, and the combined entity makes Access Partnership among the biggest tech advisory practices in the region with some 45 heads in Singapore alone. AlphaBeta will continue to trade and operate its brand as an Access Partnership company providing high-impact policy and advisory services that accelerate time-to-market for new technologies, and guide governments towards the best policy solutions for citizens.

"The value of a technology solution is not self-evident to every stakeholder," said Greg Francis, CEO of Access Partnership. "To ensure it benefits the citizen, optimises national development and drives macro growth takes careful analysis. From today our firm will provide that end-to-end service with the addition of – that rare thing! – the truly passionate economists of Alpha Beta."

"Both organisations share the same mission in helping businesses and government create positive societal change", said Dr. Fraser Thompson, co-founder, and Director of AlphaBeta. "Being part of a globally recognised platform such as Access Partnership offers us an opportunity to drive new services to our current and future clients.