Lily Z. King

Chief Operating Officer



Lily Z. King is the COO of Cobo, a Singapore-based crypto custody and asset management platform, offering gateway software services to help institutions access and navigate decentralized finance securely and conveniently. Prior to Cobo, Lily was the General Counsel at PAG Asia Capital, where she oversaw both the buyout funds and growth funds with US$14 billion under management. Lily is licensed to practice law in New York State and China. She writes op-ed for Chainnews and Forkcast on topics bridging the traditional finance and decentralized finance.

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Digital & Technology

How to make sense of the hot new digital assets, like Bored Apes? Think: Lego blocks Money, culture and community are now converging in NFTs and the token economy, writes Lily Z. King. Welcome to a new world where ‘money Lego’ meets ‘culture Lego.’.

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