Irene Lee




Irene Lee is the head of the business development team at Heritage Fiduciary Services. She holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK; with a specialisation in marketing.

Heritage Fiduciary Services is an integral part of Heritage Trust Group, an independent trust and corporate services company, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and the BVI. Heritage Trust Group is recognised as a leading service provider in Asia, whose principal activities include the provision of fiduciary, trust, foundation, company formation, corporate services and accounting services. The Group also has associated entities in Brunei, New Zealand and Seychelles. Heritage has a staff complement of over 60 professionals.

Irene has worked with several leading banks; the last of which was as head of marketing of CitiBusiness, Citibank Singapore Ltd back in 2006. She first joined the asset protection and estate planning industry back in 2008, as general manager, group corporate communications and marketing of a large trust and fiduciary services company, whose headquarters is in Singapore. Thereafter, she was instrumental in the set-up, management and operations of the Singapore office of a renowned Panamanian law firm as the sole local director; promoting trusts, foundation and corporate fiduciary services solutions.