Andrew Bresler

Chief Revenue Officer & Deputy General Manager – APAC



Andrew Bresler, Deputy General Manager & Chief Revenue Officer - APAC, InvestCloud, is based in Singapore, leading the company's growth across Asia. He has worked in the Wealth Management industry for almost two decades, most recently at Citibank. At Citi, Andrew led their brokerage, digital wealth & margin lending business across Asia & EMEA helping provide access to capital market products digitally across the regions. Prior to this, Andrew spent the earlier part of his career trading capital market products and foreign exchange for brokerage and asset management firms. An international citizen Andrew has lived in Asia for over 11 years, 8 in Europe and hails from Africa.

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Digital Dialogue

Data Management, Analytics, AI and ML: Their Roles in Elevating the Wealth Management Proposition in Asia Data is the new oil for the wealth industry, an expert at a Hubbis live event pronounced way back in 2018. But during those heady and uber-optimistic pre-pandemic years, it was more of a concept, and in reality, there was little realisation of just how much money and time would soon be spent on digi....

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