Donald Klip

Managing Director, Co-Founder

Global Mortgage Group


With over 25 years of financial services experience, Donald’s career spans from being an equity research analyst to managing the largest family office in Asia to managing a global equities division for the 2nd largest bank in the world. His strengths in building successful financial services businesses have proven valuable for GMG and America Mortgages as we build a firm with best practices in sales, client coverage, and business processes. He is passionate about creating a culture of excellence at GMG as well as incorporating ESG factors into how we work as a firm and individually. Donald co-founded Global Mortgage Group with Robert in 2018 to address the need for better mortgage options for those looking to purchase investment property overseas, initially in the U.S. and now has expanded to U.K., Portugal, Canada, Dubai and Australia as well as bridging loans on crypto, shares and high-value real estate globally.

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Independent Wealth Management in Asia – State of the Market & Growth Strategies The independent wealth management (IWM) segment has grown apace in Asia, but it remains far less established than, for example, in Europe or the US, with an estimated 30% of assets managed by boutique firms in Switzerland against estimates of 5% to perhaps (very optimistically) 10% in Asia. The grow....

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