Mark Trousdale

Chief Marketing Officer



Mark Trousdale, EVP, serves as InvestCloud's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In this role, Mark is responsible for all of InvestCloud's marketing efforts, including product marketing, PR, events, analyst relations and social media. As part of InvestCloud's founding team, Mark has served in a number of different roles at InvestCloud throughout the years, building upon nearly 20 years of experience in financial and professional services. Prior to joining InvestCloud, Mark led the western region Asset Management Advisory practice of Deloitte. Mark holds a BA with Honors and an MA with Distinction from Stanford University.

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Digital & Technology

Four months after the significant merger announcement from Global FinTech InvestCloud, how is the firm aligning enhanced capabilities to the challenges of a Post-Pandemic financial world? In February 2021, the merger of Finantix and Tegra118 into award-winning global FinTech firm InvestCloud was announced. The result created a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) wealth solutions platform. InvestCloud’s CMO Mark Trousdale and Christine Mar Ciriani, CEO, Private Banking & Wealth, share....