John Shoemaker

Registered Foreign Lawyer

Butler Snow


John Shoemaker is Senior Counsel with Butler Snow in their Singapore office. John has more than 30 years’ experience in tax, legal & regulatory compliance, and is a common law lawyer with educational emphasis on taxation, trusts & estate planning. He also has extensive experience in ensuring multi-jurisdictional compliance for fiduciary product offerings (working with multijurisdictional outside counsel & adapting products for sale in relevant jurisdictions), including product management skills to direct complex products from concept to fully operational status.

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Premeditate and Build Pre-emptive Structures says Top Lawyer as the Winds of Tax Change Arrive The Hubbis Asian Wealth Solutions event in Singapore on June 8 features a lively discussion on tax and the rising pressure on disclosure and compliance. A small panel of experts offered their views on tax, estate and asset planning that will provide private clients with robust structures for the nea....

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