Rainer Michael Preiss

Executive Director, Investment Advisory

Taurus Family Office


Serves as Portfolio Strategist at Taurus Family Office. Taurus is Multi Family Office based in Singapore. Previously, Chief Equity Strategist at Standard Chartered Bank and a member of the bank’s Global Investment Council where he was responsible for the” house-view” on Equities. 

Mr. Preiss has 21 years experience in global financial markets have worked in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Middle East and Africa and Singapore in various investment and research functions.

Mr. Preiss is a graduate of the European Business School with a major in Finance and international economics, having studied at the schools centers in London, Paris and Bologna, Italy in the respective local languages. In addition he studied in Japan, Korea, and China.

Mr. Preiss has taught extensively on Finance and Wealth Management in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

He has also been a guest lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he taught on Technical Analysis as well as a course on Banking & Financial Institutions with a focus on China's Financial System. In Singapore he taught a course on Credit Derivatives at SMU (Singapore Management University). Mr. Preiss has also been invited to teach and has designed courses for The Graduate School of The People's Bank of China, China's Central Bank. 

A frequent contributor to CNBC and Bloomberg, he is also columnist for FORBES magazine as well as Cointelegraph. 

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