Abhra Roy

Head, Finacle Wealth Management Solution

Infosys Finacle


Abhra Roy is responsible for managing the Finacle Wealth Management product line, and also for charting its product strategy; this includes the management and development of the Wealth Management product line, managing client relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions and also working on the detailed Product road map. Abhra specialises in the area of Private Wealth Management, Financial Advisory, Brokerage Operations, Custodial and Depository operations. He has published several thought papers on the role of Technology in the Wealth Management space. He draws from his rich experience of over twenty years of working in financial institutions and technology firms.

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Into the Future: Fast-Forwarding the Increasingly Dynamic Thai Wealth Management Market Whatever the vicissitudes of the pandemic since early 2020, Thailand’s wealth management industry has continued to enjoy growth and diversification, building further on the many exciting developments within the sector in the past decade. But what is next for the incumbents, how are the international....

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Infosys Finacle and Client Validus Present Theory and Practice in Harmony Abhra Roy, Head, Finacle Wealth Management Solution at Infosys Finacle and his client, Atul Singh Chief Executive Officer of Mumbai-based Validus Wealth double-teamed for a fascinating presentation on future-proofing the wealth management business with a truly digital platform. Delegates were left i....