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Saiful Bahari Baharom
Chief Executive Officer
Labuan IBFC

Panel Discussion
At a cross-roads: how to take Malaysian wealth management to the next level
  • What do today's opportunities and challenges for the industry mean for how the business is likely to develop?
  • How can different players adapt to this highly-challenging environment?
  • Can organisations of different sizes really compete in the same space anymore?
  • What are the important decisions regulators and organisations must now make to direct the future of the Malaysian market?
  • What models are likely to be successful as the market develops further?
  • What segmentation is appropriate as the market moves to the next stage of development?
  • What is required to ensure the industry can offer real, tangible solutions and services which are genuinely suited to the client?
  • What is now required to deliver value to clients? Are wealth managers really geared up enough to deal with the increasingly complex needs of clients?
  • In which areas is client education needed? How can this be delivered in reality?
  • How does the regulatory environment need to further evolve to support the local industry?
  • How can Malaysia become more of a hub to attract more players and create more competition?
  • To what extent do the commission and revenue structures in Malaysia need to change for the market to develop further?


Andrew Crooke

Panel Members

Shi Jie Ong
Head of Wealth Management, Malaysia

Christine Cho
Head of Private Banking & Wealth Management
RHB Investment Bank

Michael Foong
Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer
Maybank Group

Robert Foo
Managing Director
MyFP Services

K R Raju
Executive Chairman
Blueprint Planning

Stephen Morison
Vice President, Global Research

Aderi Adnan
Director, Business Development
Labuan IBFC

Keynote Presentation
The key to successful family business succession planning

Goh Ka Im
Partner and Head of Tax & Revenue Practice Group
Shearn Delamore & Co

  • Vehicles for family business succession planning
  • Labuan Trusts Act 1996
  • Labuan Foundations Act 2010
  • Tax considerations
Panel Discussion
Making the most of the inter-generational wealth shift
  • Given client consciousness with respect to wealth and succession planning, what are the latest developments in the Malaysian context?
  • To what extent is inter-generational wealth transfer influencing how clients are thinking about how they manage and plan their wealth?
  • What new solutions and vehicles are suitable - and popular - given the need to tackle issues relating to wealth planning? What are the most important features that clients look for?
  • What are some recent examples to highlight what is most likely to go wrong in the process?
  • What are some of the most important issues wealthy individuals and families need to address as part of business succession planning?
  • In terms of preserving and perpetuating wealth, is family business succession planning an easy subject for clients to bring up with their wealth advisers?
  • Do advisers feel well-equipped to address the needs of clients who require business succession planning advice? What skill sets would advisers need to offer a "value added proposition" in addressing this issue?
  • Should the skill-sets of advisers differ between personal and family business succession planning?
  • How can advisers really engage and prepare the next generation?
  • Do the increasingly-complex tax, cross-border and wealth planning needs and issues require scale and expertise to ensure firms gain a competitive advantage? Will this separate wealth management relationships into strategic partnerships and "nice to haves"?
  • What are the ingredients of a true partnership between providers and private banks / wealth management firms? What are the critical success factors?


Datin Isharidah Ishak
Senior Partner
First Fiduciary (Labuan) LLP

Panel Members

Alvin Yap
Principal Consultant & Managing Director
A.D. Financial

Paul Khoo
Chief Executive Officer
Standard Financial Planner

Marcus Hinkley
Group Partner, Head of Singapore Office
Collas Crill

Melissa Cheoh
General Manager, Head, Private Banking
Hong Leong Bank

Eve Tay
Business Development Manager
Heritage Trust Group

Refreshments & networking
The dynamics of Islamic banking in Malaysia

Shahril Bin Simon
Senior Manager, Investment Management & Securities Services
CIMB Islamic

  • Primer to Islamic finance
  • The need for Islamic wealth management
  • Industry developments and performance
  • Outlook and opportunities
Family offices

Carolyn Parkes
Director, Head of Private Clients, Singapore
TMF Group

  • History of family offices
  • What family offices
  • How family offices are used in Europe and America
  • The role of the family office in Asia
  • How the financial services business can assist family offices
Scaling up your wealth management business through technology

Anselm de Souza
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Sopra Banking Software

  • Key developments in the Asian private wealth industry
  • Growth challenges to the Asian wealth management market
  • A fully integrated front-to-back approach to scaling up the wealth management business
How to implement "consolidated client reporting"

Urs Tanner
Chief Executive Officer
Assentis Technologies

  • The need for consolidated client reporting
  • Roles and players
  • Level of sophistication and samples
  • Challenges in implementing
  • Market chances
Panel Discussion
Creating differentiation through the product offering and better advice
  • Where is the biggest demand among clients?
  • To deal with the problems of concentration risk, how can you educate clients about an asset allocation model - rather than the hunt for immediate returns?
  • What should the advisory offering look like? And what are the components of a successful and differentiated product offering?
  • What is "good" investment advice?
  • What has worked well in other emerging wealth markets in Asia?
  • What are the common areas of misconception about investments among customers?
  • What is the right approach to managing customers- expectations?
  • Assessing the role and suitability in Malaysia of ETFs, structured products and other market access products?
  • To what extent does regulation need to evolve in terms of the product offering?
  • How should the product range be expanded?
  • Where are the biggest gaps between overseas markets and Malaysia in terms of the product offering?
  • What lessons can be applied in the Malaysian context?


Andrew Crooke

Panel Members

Choong Wai Hong
Head of High Networth and Affluent Banking

Au Kee Cha
Head, Consumer Banking Investments
Alliance Bank

Michael Hui
Managing Director, Advisory and Practice Management
Standard Financial Planner

Sandeep Singh
Country Head, Malaysia
Franklin Templeton Investments

Lemuel Lee
Head of Equity & Commodity Derivatives, Asia ex-Japan
J. P. Morgan

Next generation of structured products

Peter Williams
Director, Structured Solutions, South-east Asia
EFG Bank, Singapore Branch, EFG Financial Products Division

  • Introduction to EFG Bank - Financial Products Division
  • Product creation through the Constructor Tool
  • Creating investor protection with: COSI (Collateral Secured Instruments)
  • Product ideas and themes - Actively Managed Certificates
What does it take to build a successful fund management business? Lessons from the US

Arne Hilke
Research Analyst
Morningstar Asia

  • We explore what has led to the success of some asset managers in the US over the past 25 years, while their competitors faltered
  • Why fund companies should think twice before betting on industry trends
  • How putting investors first has been the defining factor of success, and what it means
  • With fund ownership in Asia much lower than in countries like the US and Australia, what can we learn from these markets to grow our industry?
Refreshments & networking
Structured Products - is this right for you?

Chan Ahn
Executive Director, Head of Equity
Derivatives Structuring, Asia ex Japan
J.P. Morgan

  • Where we see demands across asset classes
  • What works in the current market environment
  • What to consider before buying a structured product
Panel Discussion
Build a future-proof wealth management offering
  • What are the processes, systems and technology involved in creating leading offerings in Malaysia?
  • What will be the challenges in implementing them?
  • How can the basic infrastructure be industrialised to enable firms to focus on the value-add?
  • What other aspects of the platform can - and should - be automated?
  • Is it possible to enhance efficiency and drive down the cost of doing business while not compromising service delivery?
  • What is the real differentiator - product, systems, process, people or culture?
  • How are today's technology and systems-related needs and priorities likely to evolve?
  • What can be done to enhance the overall customer experience? How are emerging technologies reshaping the way you connect with customers?
  • How should online and mobile offerings be developed to drive the business to the next stage?
  • What are the best-practice risk management, operations and compliance frameworks?

Andrew Crooke

Panel members

Noor Quek
Founder / Managing Director
NQ International

Maikel Sajangbati, CWM
Member, Board of Advisors, and Counsellor
Certified Wealth Managers' Association

Andrew Au
Chief Executive Officer
AG Delta

Daniel Kennedy
Regional Solution Manager - Asia
DST Global Solutions

Anselm de Souza
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Sopra Banking Software

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